Aftermaths of devestation


Havocs are manifestations of natural disasters, created by the tendencies of people to anthropomorphise calamities out of their control. After a disaster strikes a settlement, one can often find a newly created havoc amongst the wreckage. Upon creation they exist as pure elemental masses, but over the first few years of life they coalesce into a more humanoid form, vaguely resembling the people they spent those years amongst.

Treatment of havocs varies from region to region; never true hostility, but neither are they truly accepted. They exist as a painful reminder of what their communities have lost. Settlements along the coast veiw them as a payment from the sea- a havoc in exchange for the lives claimed by the waves and wind. The alderwoods treat them with a great deal of respect, fearing the disasters that created them will return should they reject the elementals.

Needless to say, few havocs remain in their hometowns for long. Almost all of them set out to become adventurers of some kind, where they can carve out their own path in life. Those who don't become adventurers tend to drift together, forming small communites. They have a small body of cultural myths and traditions, kept alive through the help of gravetender dryads.

Havocs are the shortest lived of Ioraz's people- it's a rarity for any of them to live beyond 25 years. They approach life with a ferocity befitting such a fleeting existance, cherishing every moment and constantly moving towards the future.


When creating a havoc character, use the Genasi statblock. The subrace depends on the kind of natural disaster that created them. Some have clear analouges; an earthquake havoc would use the earth genasi stats. For others, you may have a choice between multiple; a volcano havoc could use either the earth or fire genasi stats.