Core Assumptions

The foundational tenets of the world

A world fueled by faith

Ioraz is a plane that subtly warps to match the wills and beliefs of it's inhabitants. Magic and myth are one and the same, and they are present in all aspects of the world. By extension, the higher powers of this world are powered by will as well. As a powerful soul gains renown and the faith of others, it can become an entity known as a Rune: a spirit that can bend Ioraz to it's will much more directly.

Living after the ends(s) of the world.

Many years ago, Ioraz was shaken to its very foundation. The sun shattered, the sky buckled, and the surface of the plateau was warped into eldritch forms as great fronts of arcane energy rushed across the land. Much of the life on the surface perished on that day, or was so altered that they became unrecognizable to the few who went unaffected. The only people left truly unscathed were those in the underdark, which is where civilization remains to this day.

This is not the first time such an event has happened. Cataclysms of a similar scale occur with some regular frequency, a few centuries to a millennia apart. The cycle of Ioraz continues all the same.

Fantastical yet dangerous

Ioraz is a beautiful place, but that beauty is matched by it's danger. This is not a world of sprawling empires with territories stretching across continents. This is a world of small settlements in a vast world, scattered and spread thin across hostile continents of alien life.